Vespa Faro Basso

Now available at Waxman - $18,000

It may seem unusual to compare the iconic Italian Vespa scooter to the iconic British Rolls-Royce, yet both companies achieved their success and astonishing owner loyalty by adopting a single excellent design and evolving it over the passing decades. The Vespa design, first patented in 1946, featured a flat floor, allowing ladies to ride it in dresses; a wide front cowling, hiding any ugly mechanical components; and very European, streamlined beauty. It was a timeless look, and it has remained so ever since. Over 144 models of Vespa have been built, and almost every single component on the scooter has been redesigned in 68 years, yet it still retains the same instantly recognisable styling that has been familiar to millions for decades.

The Vespa 125 offered here represents what is arguably the most famous version of the design, as it was memorably ridden by Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck in the classic film Roman Holiday. It has been restored in the original, correct Green Metallic, and it has all of the most desirable features, such as a double seat with height adjustment, a rear license-plate holder, a spare wheel, whitewall tyres, a tax disc holder on the front, and locks for the bonnet and steering (an anti-theft device). It is offered with its original Torino registration, cancelled but confirmed by the Public Motor Vehicle Registry, as well as with a Certificate of Conformity from its manufacturer, Piaggio. The latter certifies that this Vespa retains its original frame and engine and it is matching numbers.

This legendary little gem would be an ideal historic yacht tender or the perfect runabout for one’s own Roman holiday.

4.5 bhp, 128.4 cc two-stroke single-cylinder engine, three-speed gearbox, coil-spring hydraulic front and rear suspension, and front and rear drum brakes. Wheelbase: Adorable

Now Available at the Waxman House - $18,000

Now Available at the Waxman House - $18,000

Jake Wolf